Self Esteem Survey 


Answer True or False to the following statements.

*I have the right to honor my own need and wants, and treat them as important.:
*Nobody has the power to determine how I think or feel about myself.:
*I ask for help when I need it. :
*When I suffer a defeat or setback, I rise up and try again. :
*I am worthy of happiness.:
*I take pleasure in being alive and celebrate the little things in life. :
*I can talk openly and honestly about my accomplishments AND shortcomings. :
*I am able to accept criticism openly, without becoming defensive. :
*I am able to give and receive compliments/appreciation without minimizing them. :
*I am open and curious about new ideas, experiences, and possibilities. :
*I am able to laugh at myself. :
*I am flexible and able to respond to life’s unexpected situations and challenges. :
*I am able to speak my needs and wants, and set boundaries when needed. :
*I am not intimidated or overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety or insecurity. :
*I’m okay with making mistakes. :
*I don’t pretend to believe or approve of something in order to be accepted. :
*My happiness and self-realization are a priority for me. :
*No one has the right to force ideas or values on me that I do not accept. :
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